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Banner | Mural Work

Banners and murals were a huge part of the creative output from GVC (Global Village Concerns), the first official design position I got into.


Each one of these large scale school spirit wall murals, avenue banners, and wind screens had to be unique to that particular school's branding and mascot. Most of the time we had to stick strictly to school brand guidelines, but when we were able to get more creative with our work, our clients and were always happy with the results.

These types of projects were not the only work we did there, it really only accounted for about a third of the companies output. The majority of the design at GVC was centered around apparel design, which you can see here.


Downtown Grand Hotel Slot Tournament

Downtown Grand is a smaller hotel located in the northern area of Las Vegas, and it was one of the many casinos LAK Advertising marketed for within the Vegas and San Diego area.


While working at the LAK Marketing agency, my output was mostly mailers, small-print coupon booklets, and email work, but every so often I got to flex my creative muscles and design large campaigns like this, a cash giveaway promo combining photography, Photoshop, Illustrator and even a bit of After Effects for video promotion. Unfortunately, all I currently have to display is an image from the casino's website of the extremely large scale banner draped along the side of the hotel. I was actually very happy with the final look of the campaign and the promo itself was very successful, it still remains one of the largest projects I've ever worked on.


SDSU Aztecs Football

- Nike SidelinE Merch

  Bookstore Campaign


The marketing campaigns for San Diego State University

were massive, involving printed and digital signage covering the inside and outside of the campus dining locations, market place, and the college's primary money maker, the campus bookstore.

My position was the assistant manager for the bookstore's Graphics and Marketing Department, however many times I acted as lead designer of our campaigns. This football campaign was the first project I managed and designed while there. Our studio photographer took photos of volunteer models in our seasonal merchandise, and besides sticking to the general guidelines of the school's brand (Aztec iconography, red, black and white color theme), we had free reign to design and produce many pieces of work I'm proud to have lead the creative process on.


SDSU Aztecs Basketball

- Nike × Jordan

- The Time Is Now Campaign


For this campaign, I felt more dynamic lighting was needed on the models in order for to stand out from the rest of our school promotions, and I also decided adding lots of color would inject the energy I was looking for into our shots. I found inspiration on Behance from a few talented photographers (as you can see to the right) and tried to challenge myself to accomplish this look within photoshop, since at the time we did not have any colored gels in the studio for lighting, or colored LED's (funding was tough at the time).

After playing with gradient effects and blending techniques in post-production, I think I was able to mimic in-studio colored lighting in a convincing enough way that we could apply these filters to the rest of the images and end up with a very successful basketball merchandising campaign, as you can see by the large window display and store floor signage below.

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